The Clean Energy Finance Solutions Center provides no-cost technical assistance, resources and training to countries on mobilizing clean energy investment.

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Clean Energy Finance Events

3 October 2016

The LAC-CORE Finance Summit 2016 will be the fifth year a regional renewable energy is held, and it is co-hosted by the Latin American and Caribbean Council on Renewable Energy (LAC-CORE). This year, the event returns to Miami, Florida and continues the finance focus. The conference is designed to help leading industry players address their successes and challenges in an environment focused on capital by discussing the following questions: Who invests in projects? Which financial institutions are available to finance them, and what are they looking for in projects? Which countries have the most suitable regulatory frameworks that facilitate business?

18 October 2016

United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) will host the Seventh International Forum on Energy for Sustainable Development, which is to be held in Baku, Azerbaijan on 18-21 October 2016. The forum, which is being organized by the Government of Azerbaijan in cooperation with key international partners, will include an International Renewable Energy Conference and the annual sessions of the UNECE Group of Experts on Renewable Energy and Group of Experts on Energy Efficiency. The forum provides a unique opportunity to build on the achievements of the six previous fora and develop a roadmap for what participants would like to achieve in the medium term with regards to the energy-related sustainable development goals (SDGs).


27 September 2016

The Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance, the Fire Awards and the India Innovation Lab for Green Finance are seeking powerful and actionable ideas to overcome barriers and accelerate investment for a low-carbon, climate-resilient economy. This year, both the Global Lab and the India Lab will focus on ideas that leverage public or “blended” finance to drive large-scale private sector investment. The Global Lab seeks ideas to scale up finance in mitigation and adaptation in developing countries. The Global Lab will encompass a dedicated work stream for ideas with strong potential to be deployed in Brazil or Portuguese-speaking African countries, with a priority focus on energy efficiency, climate resilience and sustainable urbanization. The India Lab specifically seeks intended applications in India, aiming to accelerate investment in infrastructure for renewable energy, energy efficiency and green growth. The Fire Awards seek to accelerate powerful early-stage pilots and businesses that can unlock finance for clean energy and green growth. Selected ideas will receive technical guidance from high-level investors and experts as well as analytical, outreach, and communications support. Previous winners have raised nearly USD 600 million through the Global Lab network for renewable energy, energy efficiency and climate resilience projects. Proposals for the Global Lab and the Fire Awards are due 21 October 2016. Proposals for the India Lab are due on 23 December 2016.

20 September 2016

Green for Growth, an international fund for renewable energy and energy efficiency projects operating in Southeast Europe, European Eastern Neighborhood Region, and in the Middle East and North Africa, will start operations in the local market, according to Lachlan Cameron, Green for Growth’s Senior Officer in Energy Finance. The fund’s budget for the three regions has reached $370 million this year. The eligibility criteria for applying for financing from Green for Growth (GGF) are having a minimum 20 percent reduction in primary energy consumption. They also include a minimum of 20 percent reduction in carbon dioxide, and the promotion of renewable energy. The financing instruments are medium- to long-term senior loans, subordinated loans, letters of credit, guarantees, and mezzanine debt instruments.

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Australia, Canada, India, Mexico, Sweden, and the United States are partnering to deliver the Clean Energy Finance Solutions Center.

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